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We develop and manufacture all our products in-house from start to finish. What starts in the lab then goes to the blending room and is filled and sealed for immediate shipment. This ensures that every can of Muscle Fuel is personally and properly packaged by us, the developers.

We are a small batch protein company who strives for quality and not quantity. Too many supplements saturate the market with outlandish claims and false percentages of protein promised. Muscle Fuel is the original protein supplement whose formula has stayed consistent for the past 30+ years, assuring the purest quality protein going into your body. No chemicals, no additives, and no tricky fine print.

The Beginning of Muscle Fuel

I started bodybuilding back in the early 70’s while pursuing a degree in food technology. Being the type of person that always gave 200% in everything I did, my training was hard and sometimes downright brutal. However, what I found to be even more challenging was to consume the 200 grams of protein I needed daily without the fat, carbs, and extra calories.

Back then, the choice of supplements were few. Sport supplements were practically non-existent. The typical supplement would consist of sugar, soy powder, and powdered milk, and those were the good ones!

“In today’s market of supplementation confusion, I’m proud to say that the quality I was once looking for is the same quality you will find in Muscle Fuel products today.”

Using my educational background in food science and nutrition, I located materials from various supply companies from around the world. And, after applying proven nutritional principles (and some experimentation on my own), Muscle Fuel was developed.

To make a long story short, everyone at my gym started using Muscle Fuel. My idea has turned into an international food company and the Muscle Fuel products have improved and flourished for over 30 years. So…if you are looking for magic powders, outrageous claims, gimmicks or promises of becoming Mr. Universe overnight, I can’t help you. But…if you want the best supplements available ANYWHERE, I can.

Tom Steffan
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Thomas Steffan

Thomas Steffan
Bodybuilder, Power Lifter,
CEO of STEFFCO International Inc.

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